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Healthcare Advisory

Looking to strengthen, accelerate or expand your organization’s competitive market position in healthcare? We can help you with the necessary planning, insights and analytics to achieve your goals. If you are considering mergers, acquisitions or divestitures, we can help you move forward to make informed decisions in today’s rapidly evolving environment.

Strategic Planning

We help you build systems and structures to support your strategic imperatives and overall goals. Our methods enhance relational coordination and trust. Strategic planning begins with an honest assessment of strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and results (SOAR). We seek to ensure our clients understand the implications of every choice that is made.

Systems and Structures

With years of experience, we have the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level. At Hunn Group, we combine our insights and skills to create the transformational foundation from which you can align culture and strategy. We are proud to help shape and improve how our clients structure and manage their business.

Executive Coaching

For the executive, the process begins with initial interviews and agreed upon assessments, often including an interview-based 360. Our approach is focused on engaging clients through the lenses of: self, leader, and strategic partner. Although these lenses are named as distinct, they are never considered separate from one another. We work with clients across the US and globally.

Leadership Selection

We recognize the need for hiring key contributors to lead your organization. When you need to go to the outside to identify leadership talent, we can deliver. We will provide you with candidates that are top in their field. Through research and conversation, we learn about the candidates’ past successes, as well as what would motivate them both personally and professionally to make career changes. We facilitate and confirm immediate interest to keep your leadership needs our top priority.

Media Relations

Brands today have been told that communication is all about likes, shares and vanity metrics, but in reality it should be about relationships and connections with your consumer. Let us help you focus on consistency in your messaging and your media outreach efforts in order to deepen engagement, expand your audience, and drive compelling conversation.

Asset Management

Managing assets for a hospital, health system, diagnostic center, ambulatory surgery center or an individual physician practice can be a daunting task. Our asset management group can help you find the right assets, at the right price, new or refurbished, and can help you align with the right financing model that best meets your capital investment budget. We specialize in helping Independent physician practices.

Med Groups, IPAs, MSOs

Physicians are often faced with complex decisions about their practices. For instance, should I affiliate, sell, join, align, joint venture or just keep things the way they are, and, should I manage the office myself or use an MSO (Management Services Organization)? Let our experts assess your practice operations, contracts and market options – we can help you make the right strategic decision that best fits your goals.

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