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Michael Hunn

Michael has worked in the healthcare industry as a CEO for more than 22 consecutive years. Prior to founding Hunn Group, Michael was responsible for the second largest health system and seventh largest private employer in Los Angeles County. He has held executive positions at various hospitals, health systems, and healthcare boards in Southern California since 1991.

Kevin Buck

Kevin is a collaborative leadership and executive coach, leveraging more than three decades of consulting experience to guide organizations toward self-transformation. He offers strategic collaboration consulting and advisory services, including the following: executive coaching (for individuals and teams), talent development, succession planning, strategic planning and facilitation, and leadership education.


Kevin specializes in assisting individuals, teams and organizations in 'co-creating' the optimal conditions for success to emerge.

Richard Fish

Richard Fish has been leading provider organizations for over 25 years. Richard is passionate about helping physicians, medical groups, IPAs as other provider organizations define their strategy and then align their operations to ensure they execute their strategy successfully; growing profitably while serving their patients and providers to deliver outstanding care that their communities can afford.

Andrew Meehan

Andrew is an experienced public relations professional specializing in media relations, executive positioning, branding and strategic communications planning. He has unique expertise and experience in creating and implementing senior level marketing programs with an emphasis on health and wellness and healthcare programming, including brokering third-party partnerships, cross-brand and corporate communications strategies, and providing consumer marketing expertise across system-wide networks.

Andrew has a deep knowledge in the healthcare space, having managed the largest academically integrated healthcare system in southeast Michigan, a breakthrough brain cancer initiative launching a new clinical trial, and a nonprofit in L.A. doing work in the palliative care space.

Trish Ryan

Trish has been helping organizations select and hire the talent they need to execute their strategy for over 30 years. She has completed searches for chief executive officer’s, chief operating officer’s, chief financial officer’s, chief nursing officer’s, board directors and other functional executives for leading life sciences and healthcare clients.

Trish works with your organization to assess what is needed from an operational and cultural-fit perspective, giving you assurance that you are selecting the candidate with the right skills, qualifications, and values for the job.

David Tatomir

David is an accomplished senior executive and board member with more than 30 years of success in the medical device, pharmaceutical, and biopharma industries. Leveraging extensive experience with medical sales, life science, and sales performance, he has been a valuable asset for companies seeking guidance on medical sales acumen, marketing, sales or finance throughout his executive career.

His broad areas of expertise include sales planning and marketing, compensation programs, P&L management, contract negotiations, revenue & profit growth, performance management, team building, product launch, product portfolio management, process improvement, capital equipment, healthcare, hospitals, and start-ups. 

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